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    As an academic I am allowed to ask questions I find interesting and to postulate on things that might be worthy of being changed based on a structured process of investigation and conclusion building. On some occasions this is based on serious study over some years but at other times the need for the discussion is recognized but the work to fully evaluate the issues has not yet been undertaken, by me at least.

    I hope in the articles to follow, that this voyage of exploration will be seen as good intentioned and able to help build greater understanding amongst the peoples of the world but especially between the UK and China.

    I am an engineer by initial training and was then employed in manufacturing management in business before becoming an academic. Now I am Professor of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and Deputy Director of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute based in the University of Southampton, England. I hope that what I write is of general interest and helps us build more bridges of mutual understanding and honest enquiry.

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